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Cowork / Barcelona


TASK: Simple, stylish coworker with 6 working tables, place for meetings, eating and printer. Plus concept for a garden and lighting. " Espacio de reserve para residues" will be destroyed, so there is more space for coworkers - this project counts with this fact.

CONCEPT:  It is very important space for the whole building. It is the first thing anybody will see while entering. According to its size we used it as a part of coward. There is little stylish sofa for a client to wait for a meeting. The main point of the lobby is neon PINKPILL logo in pink colour. It will bring atmosphere and it also work as an advertisement for people on the street. There is a high bench with table and bar stool under the neon light. People can use it as a place for meetings or for lunch. We also put there flowers to make space more cosy. 



The main thing here are the tables. We designed them to use as much space as possible without unused space in the plan. We curved the desks so there is not a problem with corners. The tables literally grow up from the walls of the cowork. Shape of tables is possible to change if necessary.

There was another possibility discussed - one big table in the middle of the space, but there is a problem with sockets - for noe,they are only in the wall (unfortunatelly not in the floor).

Table legs (steel) can be bought but desks need to be made in measure. Material of the desk is a wood with different finish - pink or bleeched wood.

Every table will have built-in sockets, lamp, notice board, drawer, cabinet on a wheels, chair. I is possible to add hanging storage and half circle drawer under the desk (you can choose in the accesories). There are many shelves on the walls where is possible to exhibit graphics or art or anything posiible. On the wall there are coat hooks for everybody. Printer table is placed next to the entrance. It is necessary to place a socket and data cable.Lighting was a big topic. There are concrete ceilings with no cables for lights. In the project there are lights only on the wall. So we designed a simple light construction (steel or wooden) where you can hang lights wherever you want and you can add hanging flower pots! There are several possibilities how to make this construction (ramp, bulbs with cable..) and it is necessary to consult it with a local electrician.


 There is a big wooden terrace where we place a grill and big wooden picnic table and flowers in pots. The other part of garden is green with grass and flowers climbing on the walls. We added there a fire tank for a classic "sezení u ohníčku" and playing guitar. And we also added water tank to calm down, for birds and so on. The main task was to think about an altar for a meetings. We designed a simple wooden tea house which is possible to built in two ways. 1. tea house only for summer with removable shading (without heating) should be simple to build and quite cheap. 2. tea house with heating, roof and walls - it is a little house and it will be quite expensive and not that easy to built. This is necessary to decide.

COWORK Barcelona
LOBBY barcelona.jpg
pudak cisty.jpg

Rok: Červen, 2019

Rozměry:  m2

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