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Apartment / Barcelona


TASK: To design Bedroom with bed, night tables, lighting and cosmetic table. Storage under the stairs which nobody knows how it will look iike. dining room with table, chairs, bench, central light, shelves for art, flowers. Living room with sofa, reading spot, library, workspace, lighting, place cabinet by czech designer Jiroutek.. Rooftop - shading, exterior kitchen, table with chairs, sofa, shower, flowers... 


CONCEPT: BEDROOM - We choose stylish bed with a little "retro" touch. Behind the bed we designed a wooden back to make the bedroom more cosy. It is possible to built LED light in. It includes night tables with drawers. We designed a simple cosmetic spot with drawers, mirror and construction for light or to hang there anything necessary. The construction for lights and flowers continues above the bed. 

HALLWAY - There is a cabinet for washing machines and shoes. It is possible to leave the storage open or with cabinet doors - but circulation of air must be secured ( for example by perforated doors).

DINING ROOM - We chose a big soft light to ensure better acoustic and t make room more cosy. The dining corner is decorated by art on shelves. So it is possible to change it any time. We chose a simple bench without back.. so the space will be more airy. Table is big, wooden and simple. It is combined with several types of chairs. 

LIVING ROOM - We There is a big niche in the living room and we decided to fill it with a hughe built in sofa for comfortable relaxation. There is another smaller niche under a window which we decided to fill with a reading spot with library underneath. Big space of living room is divided by library with working table. It is necessary to bring electricity to the library - for computer, gramofon or projector. But it is probably better to put the projector above the sofa - this needs to be decided). 

ROOFTOP - WeMain theme here ae the islands of flowers which develop concept from the cowork. They are made by flowerpots made of curved steel. It is necessary to build a shading construction on the rooftop terrace to ensure shadow in hot summer days. Construction is made of steel so it can be more subtle. It is coloured in black. Shading is made of fabric and can be removed. We also placed big table with 10 chairs and sofa there. Shower is placed near a shaft - it must be verified if it is possible to place it there. We chose this place because it is a little bit hidden and it is near to outfall. Exterior kitchen is equipped with a grill and sink with hot and cold water.  


BRCELONA apartment
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terasa 1 pohled.jpg
BARCELONA apartment
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 loznice na insta pohled.jpg
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Rok: Červen, 2018

Rozměry: 79 m2

 loznice na insta pohled.jpg
chodbice pohled.jpg
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